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Ductile cast iron and cast iron ?

What is cast iron? What is white cast iron, gray cast iron? Ductile cast iron?

Cast iron is an alloy of iron and carbon with a carbon content greater than 2.14%. Cast iron was used by the Chinese from the 4th century BC, until the 14th century Europeans knew about cast iron.

Classification of cast iron:

Cast iron has many types such as gray cast iron, cast iron, white cast iron, ductile iron … But the most common type is gray cast iron. If you often hear the partner ask about cast iron then surely the guests are talking about is gray cast iron. Why? Because gray cast iron is popular and its price is the cheapest.

Ductile iron is a malleable cast iron that does not break while cast iron is easily broken. Because of their flexibility, ductile cast iron is often used in water pipes, manhole covers and in the automotive industry. While cast iron is heavily used in the construction industry.

In the valve industry:

Cast iron valve and ductile iron are used in many industries. But the most commonly used type is ductile iron (FCD-S) because of its ductile as well as its bearing capacity, in addition to being easier to shape and process.

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