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Symbols for materials in valve industry



In everyday life we ​​use the valves on them or the catalogs so that the above parameters or symbols you don’t know what materials they are made from. So let’s explore the documents below compiled by wayair.


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Materials used as valves are designated as follows:

– Carbon steel: WCB, A105, A216, A216, WCA, SCPH1, SCPH2, A352, SCPL1, A106, A135, A333, A53 …

– Stainless steel: SCS13A, SCS14A, CF8, CF8M, A312 …

– Cast iron: FC, FC200, FC250, A48, A126 …

– Ductile cast iron: FC400-15, FC450-10, A536, FCD-S

– Maleable iron: FCMB 270, FCMB 340, A197, A47 …

– Brass: C3771, C3604, C36000

– Bronze: CAC401, CAC406

– Flexible joint

– Expansion joint

– Ethylene-propylene rubber: EPDM

– Acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber: NBR

– Fluoroelastomer rubber: FKM

– Polytetrafluoroethylene: PTFE

– Polyamide resin: PA



Pressure range and working temperature for valve body types:



JIS and ASTM standards

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