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What is pinch valve? How many types of pinch valve?

Pinch Valve uses film to seal to prevent passage of the medium.

Pinch valve structure: consists of 3 main parts: valve body, pressing shaft and pressing film

Principle of operation of the Pinch Valve:

When turning the crank mechanism, the platen goes down and squeezes the two presses together, the valve is closed and the fluid cannot pass. On the contrary, when the mechanism is turned up, the platen goes up, the laminating film expands to create a gap for the medium to pass through.

Types of pinch valves:

Pinch Valve is divided into 2 main categories according to the opening and closing mechanism:

1- Air operated Pinch Valve

2- Manual and control Pinch valve



Application of van Pinch:

Pinch valve is used for solids, waste water, liquid mud, chemicals, dust, sawdust …

In the industries:

– Construction: cement, sand, stone and gravel

– Water treatment: liquid mud, waste

– Chemicals: fertilizer, dye

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