Leser Valve

Leser safety valve with a production history of 200 years, with main factory in Germany. The company specializes only in safety valves, so many years of experience have made it a leading name in the safety valve industry for all fluids. From water, compressed air, gasoline, gas, and heat to all chemicals.

Leser’s reputation flies around the world, sales agent covering 80 countries. Any major factory in the world believes in Leser’s products. And nearly all of the major oil companies use it. So to see how reliable Leser’s products are.

The petroleum, chemical or hot oil and hot oil industries in Vietnam also often use Leser’s safety valve. Where safety valves are used as a means of limiting risks to the system, where safety is required for the system when overpressure increases. Therefore Leser is the first choice for overvoltage safety.

At V2P, we sell Leser Safety Valve used for: compressed air, water, heat, hot oil, chemicals. With hand valve type, flanged connection, the product has inspection, 18 month warranty and installation consulting technique.

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Model: van an toàn Leser 441-H4 Ứng dụng: hơi nóng, dầu nóng Áp suất làm việc tối đa:  40bar Nhiệt độ
Model: van an toàn Leser 441-H3 Ứng dụng: hơi nóng, dầu nóng Áp suất làm việc tối đa:  40bar Nhiệt độ
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