TLV Valve

Founded in the 1950s in Japan, TLV started with the desire to create a powerful and highly efficient steam trap valve. In the following years, TLV has successfully launched the A3 coin steam trap line with a life expectancy of 10 times that of the products on the market at that time in Japan.

Early success blossomed and created motivation for the company to develop customer product lines for the hot steam industry: pressure reducing valves, safety valves, condensers. It must be said that TLV is an intensive manufacturer, it is very focused on product innovation, high technical expertise, and significant performance improvement for many float traps. Especially the high efficiency and high flow float steam traps for thermal power applications and large power plants.

TLV steam valve is not commonly used in Vietnam as two compatriots Yoshitake and Kitz. But their products are extremely high quality, perfect in every aspect from design to materials. Nice and sleek, high performance, reliability and long service life.

If you are looking for high efficiency, high volume, high pressure float steam trap products, TLV is an extremely suitable choice for the mid to high end price segment. With the TLV condenser cup, we are always available in sizes from 15A – 40A, beautiful goods – beautiful prices.

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